Cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park

Submitted by Andrew Piddington on Thu, 13/02/2014 - 11:56

With the change of Federal Government, it's back on again. The Vic government wants to do another 'scientific trial' to see if cattle reduce bushfires. They made a request to the Commonwealth Government last Nov. The Commonwealth Government has just made a decision that the project requires approval under the EPBC act before it can proceed.

So if you want to help keep cattle out of the Alpine National Park I suggest that you make a submission. There isn't much time. Submissions are required by 25 Feb. You should send it to:

You can find all the official documents here:

In making the request for the trial, the Vic government has decided to ignore exisiting research done by the likes of the CSIRO and rely on the evidence of the Cattlemen Association (because they must know better and of course they're not an interested party).

The VNPA website has further information and help you with ideas for making a submission.,-not-a-paddock