SUMMER HAWKWEED SURVEY Falls Creek December January February

Submitted by Hilary Jay on Sat, 17/11/2018 - 21:44

Volunteer recruitment is now open for the 2018/2019 season of Falls Creek Hawkweed Eradication Program Volunteer Surveys. Hawkweeds are a highly invasive pest plant species which could cause major environmental damage in alpine & sub-alpine areas of Australia if not eradicated early.

Participating in the Falls Creek Volunteer surveys is a great way to help protect the Victorian Alps from this dangerous weed, as well as a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the magnificent alpine environment during the green summer months.

Cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park

Submitted by Andrew Piddington on Thu, 13/02/2014 - 11:56

With the change of Federal Government, it's back on again. The Vic government wants to do another 'scientific trial' to see if cattle reduce bushfires. They made a request to the Commonwealth Government last Nov. The Commonwealth Government has just made a decision that the project requires approval under the EPBC act before it can proceed.

So if you want to help keep cattle out of the Alpine National Park I suggest that you make a submission. There isn't much time. Submissions are required by 25 Feb. You should send it to: