The Great Forest petition has been tabled in the Parliament of Victoria

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Here is video clip of The Great Forest petition being tabled in the Parliament of Victoria. The petition was given to Brad Rowswell MP to table in Parliament.

The petition is to implore the State Government of Victoria to establish the Great Forest National Park (GFNP) in the Central Highlands.

Papers from David Lindenmayer's club meeting session 8 Nov 2021

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See the two sample letters from Martin Curtis and Ruth Brown as examples of what to say to the politicians.

Please see attached for some key papers in this space.

Letters to politicians are very important – see the attached Fact Sheet – the Accounts Sheet show how little the native forest logging industry is worth relative to other industries/sectors – the economic analyses show that Victoria would be better off by $110-$190m a year better off without a native forest logging industry.

SUMMER HAWKWEED SURVEY Falls Creek December January February

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Volunteer recruitment is now open for the 2018/2019 season of Falls Creek Hawkweed Eradication Program Volunteer Surveys. Hawkweeds are a highly invasive pest plant species which could cause major environmental damage in alpine & sub-alpine areas of Australia if not eradicated early.

Participating in the Falls Creek Volunteer surveys is a great way to help protect the Victorian Alps from this dangerous weed, as well as a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the magnificent alpine environment during the green summer months.

Cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park

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With the change of Federal Government, it's back on again. The Vic government wants to do another 'scientific trial' to see if cattle reduce bushfires. They made a request to the Commonwealth Government last Nov. The Commonwealth Government has just made a decision that the project requires approval under the EPBC act before it can proceed.

So if you want to help keep cattle out of the Alpine National Park I suggest that you make a submission. There isn't much time. Submissions are required by 25 Feb. You should send it to: