About BBC

Club Activities

The main Club activities are day walks, overnight walks and base camps. These are supplemented by other activities which includes cycling, canoeing and some social activities.

The Club encourages its members to attain and improve skills associated with bushwalking and leadership. Areas of development include first aid, navigation courses.

Booking on activities

Take a look at the Trips Program to see what walks are coming up. Book early to avoid disappointment as many walks fill quickly. The best way to book on a walk is to attend the next Club night and put your name down on the walk sheet. You will find some walks are designated "New" where new members are given priority on easier walks.

How the Club Operates

The Club is run by a Committee of 10, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting in May. The Committee meets monthly and has the following sub-committees: day walks, overnight walks, the newsletter, finance, search and rescue, special activities as appropriate.

Club Communications

The Club produces a monthly newsletter called "BBC News" which is emailed to all members. This lists the forthcoming activities, has trip reports by members and articles on issues of general interest to bushwalkers. You are encouraged to contribute. We are always looking for fresh ideas and lively, informative articles.

Club Emergency Contact System

The Club Emergency Contact (CEC) System has two objectives:

  • To provide a contact point for friends/relatives on the day(s) of the walk or activity, for inquiries about a walk group that is overdue.
  • To follow a predetermined system should the leader not phone in or the party not return as arranged.

The CEC System may not apply to urban walks.

Insurance and Personal Risk

Members are covered by the Bushwalking Victoria's Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance scheme. However, no BBC activity is covered by Ambulance insurance. If you wish Ambulance insurance or more extensive Personal Accident Insurance you should take out your own policies.