Trip Program

Date Sort ascending Type Title Grade Distance
Fri, 16-23 Apr 2021 BC Wilsons Prom Base Camp Combined Hobart/BBC. M 15 km
Mon, 7-11 Dec BC Canoeing the Murray. M 85 km
Fri, 13-16 Nov BC federation walks weekend 2020 Licola. M 15 km
Sun, 24 May DAY Emerald to Cockatoo via Wright Forest. M 16 km
Fri, 8-15 May BC Lakes Entrance. M 15 km
Sun, 26 Apr DAY O' Shannassy Aqueduct western end. M/H 22 km
Thu, 23 Apr DAY Autumn walking in Sherbrooke. E 10 km
Tue, 21-28 Apr BC THREDBO BASE CAMP. M 16 km
Sun, 19 Apr DAY Essential skills development and walk. E 10 km
Sat, 18-25 Apr BC Great Ocean Road walk for 11 people. M/H 17 km