Club Meetings

Club meetings are held at 8pm on the first Monday of the month, except for:

  • January, when there is no meeting;
  • April, when it is on the second Monday if the first coincides with Easter; and
  • November, when it is the Monday after Cup Day.
DateTimeNew membersDescriptionLocation
Mon, 03/12/20186:00PMChristmas PartyBeaumaris Bowling Club, 1 Martin Street Beaumaris
Mon, 04/02/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 04/03/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 01/04/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 06/05/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 03/06/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 01/07/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 05/08/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 02/09/20198:00PM30TBA
Mon, 07/10/20198:00PM30TBA