Bayside Bushwalking Club Privacy Statement

In the following statement, the Bayside Bushwalking Club is referred to as the 'BBC' or the 'Club'. This privacy statement describes how the BBC collects information about its members, how we use personal information, to whom it is disclosed and how members can access the information we collect.

1. What personal information does the Club collect?

The BBC collects personal information about members which includes their:

Communications details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address(es)

Other details:

  • Date joined (the Club)
  • Year of birth
  • Occupation
  • Emergency Contact name and phone number
  • Bushwalking related qualifications and experience
  • Other outdoor club memberships
  • Concession card held.

2. How does the Club collect and maintain personal information?

Information is collected directly from members by way of membership application and renewal forms, trip sign-on sheets, and from member initiated updates from the BBC website.

Information is entered into, stored and maintained in a database on the BBC website. Initial entry is done by an officer of the Club upon acceptance of a new member. Information is updated as detailed in section 5.

Completed walk sheets are filed and retained as a record of trip attendance for a period of 7 years.

3.     What does the Club use personal information for?

Your personal information is used in two ways:

1.    The Committee use your personal information for:

  • Maintenance of the membership register as required by the Associations lncorporation Act;
  • Direct communication with you for the distribution of the BBC news and specific email communications such as leaders meetings when required
  • Seeking members with appropriate skills for the running of the Club
  • Completing insurance documents

2.    The Clubs appointed leaders use your personal information to organise club trips.

4. To whom do we disclose personal information?

Information as required is provided to members of the Club who provide or use services listed in section 3.

Communications details of trip leaders, Club emergency contacts, committee members and “others who help” are disclosed in the members’ area of the BBC website and the monthly newsletter.

Members representing the Club at other organisations may have their communications details provided to those organisations.

In any email sent to all members, email addresses are hidden by putting them in “bcc” (blind carbon copy).

Emails sent to trip participants may disclose email addresses as well as other communications details to facilitate the organisation of a trip.

Members may opt to withhold online access to their email address, and/or other communication and emergency contact details from trip leaders, either on the membership application or renewal forms, or by updating their account details on the Club website.

5. How do members view and change their personal information?

Members can login to the BBC website to access and update their personal information, or, can contact an officer of the Club, personally or via the Club's postal or email address, to do this for them.